I am a student and have seen your Hemostick - I think it is a such an unbelievable aid. Where can I buy it?


Frida P”



Have just begun at he Urologist and feel totally lost over all the data. Want something accessible to compare the urin with all the reported data. Such a damn good invention. Shall mark it directly and care for it tenderly as soon as I have got it :)

Thank you kindly beforehand.


Mery Y"



A year and a half ago I began work in an urological department at a large hospital in Stockholm and was given a Hemostick.

I have had a tremendous use for it and would like to spread the knowledge around it and the graduation of haematuri. Would therefore like to order additional Hemostick to my new work place within the care of elderly where we handle some haematuries with the aid of Vårdhandboken (The Handbook for Healthcare based on the Swedish Health and Medical Service Act (HSL) and Social Services Act (SOL) Editor`s note).

Best regards,

Yolanda S."



I discovered Hemostick at a study visit at an urological ward where they use Hemostick as a treatment support for macroscopic haematuri. As nursing teacher I see Hemostick as a valuable instrument for students and teachers. Today I use Hemostick in my teaching together with the aid of the recommendations of Vårdhandboken for treatment of haematuri.

Yours sincerely,

Ulla B"


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