Hemostick® - a Measuring Instrument

Hemostick® consists of a colour scale with six different colours; five different red shades and one yellow - graded from 0 - 5 (Hemostick®-score).

At the back of the measuring instrument there is a short description of how Hemostick® should be employed and a measure of the approximate concentration of haemoglobin the different colour fields represent. Also at the back of the instrument the consistency  of the haematuri is defined with the help of A = without blood clots and B = with blood clots.

Patient Safe Communication and Documentation

By using Hemostick® at haematuri instead of subjective descriptions you will convey in a professional way the degree of haematuri, on e.g. rounds and Patient Care Transfer, to your colleagues.

Today, at Swedish hospitales, there exists drawn up   

guidelines for handling acute heamaturi and flushing of 

the bladder linked to the colour scale of Hemostick®. The

guidelines are drawn up by urologists and urologist 

nurses with the purpose of redusing the risk of

misjudgements, ambiguous prescriptions and

unneccesary suffering for the patient.

Hemostick® also facilitates telephone counselling to 

patients with haematuri.

With the use of Hemostick® you will create a safe and 

secure communication between different care givers and

yourself. Describing macroscopic haematuri in a standardised and uniform way facilitates the documentation in patient journals. In Sweden Hemostick®-score is already registered in the country wide journal system “Take Care” which makes it possible to follow the haematuri development of individual patients graphically.

Hygienic and Uncomplicated

Hemostick® is made of environmentally friendly paper and has a glossy laminated surface that can easily be wiped clean with hand disinfection spirit. Hemostick® has a practical design and is easily carried in the pocket of your work cloths.

Development Work and Research

With the help of computerised patient journals Hemostick® has a significant role in research and review of journals. An instrument that simplifies standardised classification of haematuri leads to faster search results for questions related to development work or research.

Photo: Clas Fröhling


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