Frequent Answers & Question

1. Question: What is Hemostick score?

    Answer: Hemostick score is the degree of macroscopic haematuri read on the colour scale of   

    Hemostick. For example 3B, 2A.

2. Question: Must the Hemostick be dipped into the urine to read the degree

    of haematuri?

    Answer: No, Hemostick must not be dipped into the urine. The urine

    should be poured into a 10 ml test tube and then be read against the

    Hemostick colour scale.

3. Question: Do you always have to pour the urine into a 10 ml test tube

    before measuring the Hemostick score?

    Answer: No, if the patient has a catheter or a drainage tube you can measure directly from the   

    hose. However, the approximate blood loss per litre urine cannot then be measured.

4. Question: If the urine is tea-coloured what will then be the

    Hemostick score?

    Answer: Hemostick score 5 since it will be regarded as old 


5. Question: If the urine is concentrated does that influence the

    Hemostick score?

    Answer: If the urine is concentrated there should be no

    colour that meets with the colour scale on Hemostick. If you are unsure and still want to document

    by Hemostick it should be documented with Hemostick score 5.

6. Question: How long does a Hemostick last?

    Answer: Hemostick which is manufactured from environmental friendly paper with a glossy

    laminated surface has a long life span, but this depends on how it is kept and the frequency it is

    being used. From March 2013 on Hemostick is deliverad laminated which makes it practically


7. Question: Can patients too use Hemostick?

    Answer: Patients can, by all means, buy their own Hemostick to be able to communicate

    haematuri results with health professionals in waiting for surgery or for postoperative self-care

    after leaving the hospital.


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