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Hemostick® is a simple measuring instrument that makes it easier to measure visual blood in the urine (macroscopic haematuri). By using Hemostick® when you communicate heamaturi between care givers and patientes the caretaking will be streamlined and patient safety increase.


In the past the assessments and classification of colour and consistency of heamaturi have been subjective. A need to standardize the assessments of heamaturi has long existed. With Hemostick® you will make the assessments more objective and uncomplicated. It also helps you estimate the loss of blood in haemoglobin per litre urine.


Hemostick® has been developed by qualified nurses in cooperation with Karolinska University Hospital/Huddinge and Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.


In the link below in The Handbook for Healthcare based on the Swedish Health and Medical Service Act (HSL) and Social Services Act (SOL) you can read more (in Swedish only) about the recommendation to use Hemostick® for classifying heamaturi.







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